Basic Mortgage Application Checklist

Please gather all the items listed below that apply to you and bring them to your mortgage loan application appointment. For a printer friendly checklist, click here.


Hourly or Salaried:

  • Two most recent years W-2’s
  • Two most recent pay stubs showing 30 days of Year-to-Date earnings

Self employed, commissioned or contracted employee:

  • Two most recent tax returns (personal and business) with all schedules and 1099’s

Retirement Income:

  • Pension award letter or 1099 plus two month of bank statements showing deposit
  • Social Security award letter or 1099 plus two month bank of statements showing deposit

Investment Income:

  • Most recent portfolio statement, 1099 (401K, Brokerage, money markets, IRA’s etc.) two months bank of statements with all pages showing deposit
  • Rental income – two years tax returns and current lease

Misc. Income:

  • Child support/alimony – court order and proof of receipt by the borrower for most recent six months proof (bank statements) will continue for three years. You do not need to reveal child support or alimony if not using to qualify for loan.


  • Two current bank statements – all pages, with documentation for any unusual deposits
  • Other assets – current statement (401K or investment)


  • Proof of all payments for other owned properties (mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA etc.)
  • Proof of student loan payments currently in deferment
  • Divorce decree, proof of alimony/child support payment obligations, and proof payments are current.


  • Fully executed and legible purchase agreement including all pages and addendums, including Seller Disclosure Statement.

*This basic checklist is intended to give you a head start on the loan process. Because every borrower is unique, expect that additional information or documentation will be requested before you receive final loan approval. All offers are subject to approval. Some fees and conditions may apply.


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